Narrative Theory and Binging at 123movies

People love watching and binging on movies. They go to websites like 123movies and will go for hours watching films so that they can get the most out of the process and have a great time with the whole thing. How can communication theorists analyze this behavior? What makes these second lives so appealing to those who spend much time and money on them? Using a combination of psychosocial and communication theories, theorists can see the potential advantages and disadvantages of the technology that happens when we are watching and enjoying movies as a regular part of our lives. 


Narrative theory is a relatively recent communication theory, which explores the assumption that stories are one of the most powerful forms of communication. Many times, it is applied to visual communication, that soap operas and movies can be used to share a message with people through some sort of storyline. Books are also placed into this category: books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin attracted people and informed them at the same time.

 According to narrative theory, there are two types of narratives: public narratives (stories shared with the general public, like by TV or by a book or other form of media), and personal narrative (stories about a certain person, or one seeing their own story). These narratives are how we organize memory and how we understand the world around us. They also are placed together in people’s minds in order to create series of events.

This is just one of the reasons people love movies. It can be a great thing and help us to relax a lot more than we would have if we didn’t have the option to get away from it all. Check out movie websites and get swept away to learn and to relax as well.