3 Must Have Android Box Features

You may have already heard of a way for you to enjoy all your favorite media from your phone, but on your television. Android boxes have given people access to the content they love on their phone and connected it to their own television. Each android box offers features that might be more valuable to some than to others. We are going to explore the top 3 must have features.

Must Have Feature #1

5.1 audio passthrough is a highly requested feature for android boxes. This is a fancy way of saying that the signal from the player you’re sending from is going to reach the other end without interfering with this signal. If you happen to have a home theater already set up you want the signal to go to that receiver instead of the TV box itself.

Must Have Feature #2

H.265 hardware decoding is written as HEVC or High-Efficiency video encoding and is a standard used for video compression. Basically this allows huge files like giant Blu-Ray movies which can get as high as 25GB to fit into smaller pieces. Your H.265 is a beast at compression and will allow you a more seamless viewing experience.

android box

Must Have Feature #3

Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system or newer is what you will want on your device. You would expect a laptop to be outfitted with the most cutting edge OS around after all, and android boxes are no different. New operating systems keep the bugs to a minimum, improve function, and offer you support for troubleshooting issues. Additional reasons for choosing a box with a new operating system include:

·    Lower startup time that saves disk space more efficiently than ever.

·    Better 3D and 2D graphic rendering

·    A superior design material with the best interface

·    USB devices can connect through audio input and output.